Just over eight years ago when we set out to build this site, we had little more than dreams and ideas to share our love of the amazing whitetail deer with our friends. We did not realize the site would gain such immediate traction and garnish such a following by so many people in so many different places. Soldiers in war zones defending our freedoms, folks on vacations all over the world, deer enthusiasts from other countries (seventeen different countries to be exact) and more than 1.25 million hunters, managers and landowners here at home all embraced our site and became active participants.


We wanted to be unique and we wanted to be different. We set our sights on being an educational site and not just a "shoot and brag" type site so common these days. We worked late into the nights to bring you one of the very first multiple Live Deer Cameras in the deer industry; we were the first to produce the Shoot or Wait game that taught you how to effectively age live Texas bucks; we created a Forums platform that allowed your questions to be answered by a range of practicing wildlife biologists and professionals throughout the country and not get bogged down with profanity or non-deer related topics; our Articles were written by hands-on practitioners of aggressive deer management; we produced one of the first and best Log Books available in the industry to help you manage your very own deer herd and we produced a diversity of Featured Videos to show you better, instead of just telling you how, to improve your own ranch habitat and deer herd.


But just like that old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Between time constraints and personal health issues, keeping this site functioning at such a high level has proven too much for us to continue. We have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate educational and practical deer herd management website and we feel good about the mark we have left. We feel strongly that we have left it better than we found it and we are confident we did indeed alter the arc of deer management education. We have made many new friends and are proud of what we accomplished here but it is time to turn this site out to pasture and let it rest.


It is impossible to explain to our members and advertisers how much appreciation we have and that we are sincerely humbled that you entrusted us to represent your business and enter your home or office computer. You shared your admiration of the whitetail deer with us and for that we are forever grateful. You trusted us with your photos and videos, hunting stories, harvest data and deer management projects. You listened to us on the radio, watched us on various television programs and you trusted us to help you. We cannot be more grateful to have such a loyal and dedicated group of friends and we will never forget those facts.


We started this site out of love and admiration of the whitetail deer and we end it with the same love and admiration of the whitetail deer. We started this site as friends and hunting buddies and we end it here as friends and hunting buddies. Thank you again, our friends, for your support and understanding and we hope to shake hands with you again at the deer camp fire-pit soon.


Most sincerely,


Walt Powell and Macy Ledbetter